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Nigel Jarvis August 2014

2014 Heyfield Pigeon Club – Young Bird Series

The Heyfield Pigeon Club each year run community lofts within their own lofts. VIP Lofts have competed each year in the loft of Tom Lett and have had a few wins over the years.

In the 2014 young bird series we won the aggregate by 3 points from Tom himself. In winning the points we gained 1st x 2, 2nd x 3, 5th & 7th in the 6 race series. Our winners were Van Wanory/Goodger & Jonker/Bosua. Our 2nd placings were gained by Jonker/Bosua, Aaron McKay line & Van Wanroy

Results for the Heyfield club can be found at  and anyone interested in flying in the community lofts program should contact the club. Its alot of fun and the club are a great bunch of blokes who love a laugh.

2014 Racing

This year my daughter and I decided to fly for the first time as T & N Jarvis. We started the season with jus 72 birds, a very small team in comparison to most in our area but as the season has progressed we have seen quality beat quantity on many occasions. Racing in the local area (Ballarat) has been tough this season with low velocities and high loses being a regular occurrence, the type of racing or loft has thrived on.

As at the end of the weekend of the 10th August, below is a summary of our racing so far:

2014 Sprint Open Championship:

(racing open to all Ballarat Clubs)

We are currently tied for the championship points on 47 with the best local fancier Aaron McKay. Our lofts have gained points with 3 x 1st, 1 x 2nd, 1 x 3rd whilst Aaron has gained 2 x 1st, 3 x 2nd. Our winners have been Van Loon (same cock twice) & Van Loon/Roland Janssen. Our 2nd was a Van Loon while our 3rd was a Taveirne Rigole x Eijerkamp.

Ballarat East Homing Club:

Currently leading the aggregate by 3 points after 7 races. We will not win the points this year however as from now on we will miss the odd race due to starting with a small team, pending holidays and Tayla’s netball finals series beginning next week.

From 7 races we have gained 2 x 1st, 4 x 2nd & 1 x 4th in very strong club competition. The strength of the club was shown last Saturday where the combine (comprising of 4 clubs) held 2 races, of the 40 combine positions on offer our club took 20. Our winning birds have been Munnik/Bosua & Van Loon, our 2nd placings have been Van Loon x 2, Munnik/Bosua & Jonker/Van Loon.

Central Highlands Pigeon Combine:

Race 1 – Penaire 360km we sent 5 birds to be placed 11th Combine with a Van Loon grizzle Hen

Race 2 – Penaire 360km we sent 9 birds to be placed 4th & 12th Combine with 2 Van Loon grizzle hens. Our first 7 birds homed in combine time

Race 3 – Penaire 360km (3 bird limit) we sent 3 birds for 1st & 2nd Combine with our 3rd bird home in time for 5th Combine. Our winner is a blue cock bred from a full brother to our 2013 GC50000 winner (Geert Munnik) paired to an imported Kees Bosua hen. Our other 2 birds are both Van Loon x Roland Janssen (cousins).

To date we are proud of what we have be able to do with a small team. With my work commitments and Tayla’s school & sport commitments we have little time to prepare the birds, the wins to date are testament to the quality in our lofts as some days we literally have 5 minutes of a morning to tend to the birds. With the areas premier flyers being fulltime fanciers (FTF), with no work commitments or young children to run after, plus rcaing between 200 to 300 birds each we have already exceeded our goals for 2014.

Nigel Jarvis October 2013

Now the 2013 racing season is drawing to a close now is not the time to rest, the all important breeding season sets the foundation for your success in 2014. Be sure to give your breeding team and youngsters all the attention you can. Some very common mistakes I witness fanciers make are over feeding and unkept lofts. While your young birds are developing there is nothing more important than hygeine, lofts safety, clean food & clean water. Many newcomers think the more food the better, but you must not allow food, grit and minerals to become soiled. The water should be so clean you would be prepared to drink it yourself. My basic breeding routine is as follows (bearing in mind while working fulltime I only see the birds for short stints morning & night during the week):

  1. Clean water everyday

  2. Feed twice per day, I like to see a few grains left from the morning feed of a night time. However dont just throw new food on top, discard the food that has been left over. I also make sure no food remains in the loft over night.

  3. Every 2nd day they get a mixture of minerals & grits. I use 5 different types. Because my time during the day is limited I puchased 10 plastic containers (each devided into 2 sections) from Go-Lo for $1.49 per pack of 4. This ensures when I am running short of time in the morning I can simply grab a pre-prepared portions of minerals and grist without have to measure out.

  4. Every 2nd day I also give the loft a quick clean, with the main clean of a weekend. The main thing is your loft must be dry, dropping left damp can cause big problems in your breeding loft. Also fresh air is important, but not to the extent of a drafty loft. The addition of something as small as a 1 metre avairy is all that is needed for the birds to get out in the sun and relax.

  5. Greens & carrots, I am a big fan. Each weekend I prpare a container of silverbeet, lettuce & spinach as well as dicing up raw carrot (about the size of a dunn pea). Then I can simply grab a handful each day to give to the birds.

  6. While my birds are on eggs I dont do much with the nest boxes, but after ringing the youngsters I give a quick scrape twice a week to keep it all dry and keep the bugs away.

  7. Respect the birds in there loft, its there home. You want your stock birds very content in there home.


Some very basic tips to help you in your breeding season. I get asked regularily why I have such great success in one loft events, whats your secret they ask? 3 simple steps, and 2 are in the fanciers control:

  1. Top stock, send off your best. Assess the race and pick birds suitable for the loft conditions, however no matter how well you plan you cannot control the wind on the day.

  2. Send only healthy youngsters prepared as best you can. Your competing against the best Aussie fanciers can supply.

  3. A bit of luck is always helpful.

Nigel Jarvis August 2013

Having not flown for the past 2 years in my home loft, 2013 has been my most enjoyable season ever. Results aside, the enjoyable part has been sharing the game with my 15yo daughter Tayla. We started with just a small team, entering small amounts in each race and the banter has been brilliant in the back yard. The lads down the club have also enjoyed the banter between father & daughter often involved in the ribbing (especially when Tayla’s team were 1st to the loft in the first 7 races of the year!) Tayla has competed in the Open Sprint series where she currently sits 3rd in the points with 2 races to go having been placed 1st x 2, 2nd x 2, 3rd, 7th x 2 & 11th in the single bird clocking result and having 16 birds placed in the top 20 of the open result, even though entering just 2 birds at times. At club level she has competed in some races in the Ballarat East Homing club sending no more than 4 birds to a race for the following positions: 1st, 2nd x 2, 3rd & 7th club.


Her favourite pigeon a grizzle hen 2234 has been sent 6 times to the sprint series to be her first bird 4 times in the single clocking result for 1st, 2nd x 2 & 7th. She has taken 5 open positions for 1st, 2nd (landing with the winner), 13th, 14th & 30th. 2234 was bred from a very special pairing bringing together the best of VIP Lofts & LPM Stud. The sire “In The Shadows” is the no.1 Van Loon cock at VIP Lofts being a son of our imported birds “Silver Rommie” & “Blue Girl”.  The dam “Erin” is a key hen for LPM Stud being a cross of their 2 top lines “Silver Shadow” & “Golden Couple”. “Erin” is the winner of 2nd Fed 259km and is already the g/dam of VIP Lofts Taree Invitation winner in 2012. A full brother to 2234 has been first to the loft on 3 occasions this year for LPM Stud and a full sister was placed 4th in the very hard Bossey Park ring race for LPM Stud being clocked early on the 2nd day from Orbost.


Tayla has already picked out her stock pairs for this coming breeding season including “In The Shadows” who she has commondered from the stud.

Update 30th Aug 13, 2234 has done it again being  placed 1st Open on Friday from Speed 280km.

Kees Bosua

Nigel Jarvis June 2013

Its no secret that when we decide to invest in a family, we go head first in. There is no doubt we have the very best collection of Kees Bosua’s in Australia. To highlight just 2 of our supreme stud cocks:

“Sito”, this cock has it all. He is sire of 1st Duffel 12,080birds, 2nd Strombeek 6,330birds, 2nd Epehy 1,316brds, 3rd Boxtel 1341birds, 3rd Boxtel 1,344birds – these are real prize winners, not an attempt at a lame gab procliaming to have produced combine winners, real wins! This amazing cock’s sire is “Wessel” an amazing racebird for Kees that won acebird awards as well as 1st Chantilly 7,640birds. The dam of “Sito” is the famous “Sita” 2nd National acebird in 2003 for Kees.

“Handsome Jack” sire of 1. Argenton 2010 – 46 birds (7. – 188 birds), 67. prov. Argenton 2010 – 990 birds, 293. Nat. Argenton 2010 – 7,358 birds, 2. Melun 2010 – 2,265 birds, 8. Bourges 2011 – 53 birds, 34. prov. Bourges 2011 – 232 birds, 35. I.prov. Bourges 2011 – 564 birds, 10. Nevers 2011 – 99 birds, 81. prov. Nevers 2011 – 516 birds, 12. Vierzon 2011 – 118 birds (26. – 479 birds), 153. prov. Vierzon 2011 – 3,409 birds,  500. I.prov. Vierzon 2011 – 11,062 birds, 15. Bourges 2011 – 619 birds, 76. prov. Bourges 2011 – 3,761 birds, 92. Nat. Zone Bourges 2011 – 9,821 birds, 125. Nat. Bourges 2011 – 24,676 birds, 108. prov. Orleans 2011 – 1,339 birds, 60. Dourdan 2010 – 2,369 birds

155. Noyon 2010 – 1,727 birds.

If your looking for the best, look no further.

New imports

Nigel Jarvis May 2013

What a great day, so much anticipation culminating in a huge amount of satisfaction sending out all the new imports to the new owners. What an absolute pleasure and privileged to be involved in the process of importing some of the very best lines ever into Australia. Some of my importers like to keep what they are getting a tightly guarded secret, and what they do is their business. Others openly love to discuss the origin of their new birds. We had offspring to Tips, Euro, sibling to Euro Diamond, g/children Den Dromer etc. Also for the first time I had the pleasure of assisting some of the roller frat in importing their new birds. What a great bunch of blokes to deal with.

VIP Lofts news birds didn’t disappoint. Of the new Tourniers, ‘Titan” was the pick. He is an outstanding specimen. The latest Peter Van Der Merwe acquisitions are magnificent and I am sure will bring alot of joy to VIP Lofts. I could keep going on and on, but now the birds are in and I can verify the sexes I can complete the planned pairings and begin work on this seasons breeding catalogue.

EPPiS – now open
EPPiS – Elite Premier Pigeons Auctions is no online! Register now and get ready for some very special auctions coming up.

No. 1 – Peter Virgona Total Clearance (Stockbirds). Peter is offering up his entire stock pen of approx 20 pairs. Unbelievable opening auction, including super producers, producing imports & big winners including his open winners of the Hop the Water Classic ($20,000) & Horsham Cup ($4,000)
won on the same weekend. Also, super direct imported son of Eijerkamp’s Drogba.

No. 2 – EPPiS – Top of the drop sale, featuring birds direct from some of the most incredible imports to come to Australia, vendors include Winners1, John Shore, Jason Stig, Phil Murphy, VIP Lofts, Rob Anderson, Warren March.

New imports

Nigel Jarvis April 2013

So exciting to have a new crop of imports in the Spotswood quarantine facility. The release day is like Christmas for me as I handle every single bird in the consignment. The excitement does not end at receiving my own new birds, it continues as I bring joy to all the owners when they get their long awaiting new breeding stock. 

As the years pass, I will eagerly be watching for winners down from the pigeons in these consignments, and hope to receive many emails from all importers sharing their stories of triumph with me.

Personally, I have some super birds in quarantine including direct Edmond Tourniers and further enhancements to my already strong Roland Janssens, Kees Bosua & Peter Van Der Merwe families. Add to these a direct son of ‘Ronaldinho’ (1st Nat Limoges, De Rauw Sabln base) and a daughter of Hok Jespers Vanderwegen’s direct Van Dyck cock ‘Kliene Dirk’ who is a super breeder of many, many National performers. This top pair will be coupled together in the 13/14 breeding season, and what an amazing pair they should be.

NIPA & Around

By Adie (c/o Elimar)

Its been a busy few weeks since my last column and things just seem to be getting busier, with shows and dinner presentations not forgetting Auctions and more Auctions. Must at this stage apologise to the fanciers who turned up for the Steve Edwards Sales last week, these were postponed at the start of the week, and although short notice, we did everything in our power to get the news around, still a large crowd turned up, so my sincere apologies guys, it was decided that due to major demand in England for these birds, with many fanciers winning with birds bred by Steve Edwards over the years, that he would instead have the two sales in England, so we are hoping to get one fitted into the Old Comerades Show in Doncaster and the remainder will go to Blackpool, when Steve first contacted me with the sad news that he would have to scale down because of Pigeon Lung, my intial thoughts were to have the sale in Blackpool, but a lot of the Irish Lads had also done well with the pigeons over the years, so it was a balancing act. But please be assured I have handled every pigeon and they will be well worth the wait. Many thanks also to all the hospatilaity and support from the areas that I am conducting Auctions for if it weren’t for good quality pigeons and good quality buyers there would be know need for sales, so many thanks to all in this only my second year.

How are pigeons raced in India?
Rod Simmons April 2013 (c/o PIPA)

With approximately 3,000 pigeon flyers and a history of racing that goes as far back as the 13th century with the noble Kings racing between themselves, is pigeon racing in India one of the best kept secrets or just a forgotten country?

Whatever the answer may be, with the driving force of the Indian Racing Pigeon Association and its members, there is no question pigeon racing in India will be raised from the back streets to become a recognised contributor within the world of pigeon racing. The modern form of pigeon racing commenced in 1985 and after spending time with some of India’s most successful flyers, there is no hiding the fact they have a long way to go. However you walk away with the understanding that given the right opportunity and time, these passionate, professional flyers with considerable knowledge will someday compete on the world stage. Even now, if you placed some of these men in a modern loft in Europe, with good pigeons, they would be very competitive.