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Gold Coast 50,000 Ace Bird 2015

Details follow…..

VIP Lofts win 1st & 3rd GC50000 one loft race, see all the results

Amazing result from our super breeding loft against the best Australia can enter.

Our winner is bred from 2 of our Geert Muunik imports regarded as the best short/middle distance flyer in 

Holland until his sale on PIPA.       

10th September 2013 Geert sent the following congratulatory email to VIP Lofts:

Hello Nigel,

Very nice to here that you won the first price with a pigeon from me.

In Beijing was also a pigeon from that line and they won the 4 place in the biggest one loft race there.

I am always happy that when people buy pigeons from me that they make good results with that.

In this email I send you the results of my last race than you can see what my pigeons make for results, this was a race with

head wind.

When you come in Holland than you are always welcome here.

I wish you and your family al the best.

Kind regards,

Geert Munnik.  

Very kind gesture from a top fancier.

Our 3rd place getter is bred from a direct Roording Family imported son of “Dante’s Eye” & “Sister Slim Shady”

both g/chaildren of “Silver Shadow”. The dam was purchased and imported from the Eijerkamp Family NL

from the sire of “Silver Princess” (2nd best Olympiade Fond Porto, 5th Asduif Holland WHZB 2003, 

5th Asduif Nethrlands WHZB 2003. Won 7 x 1st prizes and 5th Nat Acbird WHZB) when he was paired to “Althena” 

(13th NPO Ablis 6288b., 22th NPO Orleans 5870b., 35th NPO Chantilly 8075b., 

47th NPO Etampes 5020b., 2nd Wychen 2784b.).

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Families at stud

• Roland Janssens (sprint)
• Meuleman (sprint)
• Geert Munnik (sprint/middle)
• Van Dyck (one day racing)
• Van Loon (one day racing)
• Roording (one day racing)
• Kees Bosua (one day racing)
• Peter Van Der Merwe (one day racing)
• Flor Engels (one day racing)
• Marco Falkenborg (one day racing)
• Lilliane Demily (one day racing)
• Koopman (one day racing)
• Van Wanroy (overnight racing)
• Tournier (overnight racing)
• Eijerkamp (overnight racing)
• Euro Distance (overnight racing)